performance art

just another journey

 this piece explores the vast landscapes of the northern midwest and the monstrosity of human made transportation in juxtaposition with an outlandish bonnet. view the full gallery here. while journeying on the amtrak empire builder, just another journey was performed by elise ammondson with photography by director and artistic collaborator, elliott hartman. 

photo by elliott hartman

my pubic hair, a piece about my pubic hair

through the inner monologue of an art model, this piece explores the taboos of having pubic hair. performed live by elise ammondson. 

she is 

inspired by a sweatshirt that elise designed, she is is about being, being whatever she wants to be despite societal boxes, even if she wants to be a they.
this piece is an ongoing performance performed in the every day by elise ammondson and any other human who wants to perform the piece. 

photo provided by anna basile and sarah cartwright

cut piece, mine not yoko's

inspired by her video poem, the law of conservastion of mass, or the opposite of apathy. this piece explores the idea of writing about souls in poems while chopping onions. tears may come because of natural emotion, or they may come as a side effect of chopping onions. this piece was performed live by elise ammondson.

 picnic elevator elevator picnic  
liminal space is where all transformation takes place. it is the space between what is now and what is next. what if a picnic is all that there is between now and next?
this piece was performed live by elise ammondson and collaborator, meghan considine, theatre artist and artistic scholar extraordinaire.